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The feeling of something unexpected hitting you in the face has become‭ ‬the national equivalent of cultural icon‭. ‬What happens when one icon of heat meets another‭?‬ Burger King is launching a new burger in partnership with Tabasco‭ - ‬the Hot Chilli Lover‭. ‬It has bite‭, ‬not mega burn‭, ‬but just‭ ‬enough to make you go wow‭.‬

A 360‭ ‬campaign that compares the taste of our new burger’s taste with an iconic South African colloquialism‭ - ‬Sho‭! ‬Or do you say SJOE‭? ‬Or Shuuu‭? ‬Some say Yhu‭. ‬We all know that feeling when something wicked meets reality‭.‬
Agency & Creative Director: Grey Advertising with Marcus Moshapalo
Art direction / Copywriting: Andre de Jager & Ayesha Kaprey
Production: 7Films & Platypus Films with Jozua Malherbe and Ian Chuter

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