Who is the writer and who is the art director?
👉 Our most frequently asked question 👈
A: You can pick who's who, we do both.
A: Nobody believes us when we say it.

Where do you live?
A: Johannesburg, South Africa.
A: Cape Town, South Africa.

So you work remote? 
A: Every morning we log in and stay on a call all day, like a online desk.
A: Teams gave us a report once saying we spent 80 hours one month on calls with each other.

What’s the wildest thing that happened to you while working abroad?
-People actually leave the office on time???
-To some people 19°C is summer.
-Because we’d eat out together waiters often thought we were a married couple.
-We'd get shouted at if we didn’t take our lunch break.

What's in your Letterboxd recents?
A: Oppenheimer, Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse.
A: The Dropout, Shrek 2.

What do you do outside of work?
A: take photos, bake and play bowls.
A: cold submersions, book club and draw.

What’s the dream job?
- Cool Diesel campaign
- Getting to make memes all day
- A studio that has a cutting mat and design play area
- Comms + Design + Social
What’s AA?
A: André and Ayesha (or just AA), we're a team working in advertising and design.

Who is tidier?
A: has a separate excel sheet for timesheets.
A: has photoshop tabs in order and nothing else.

Where have you worked before? 
We've learnt how to design, copywrite, art direct in places across Johannesburg, Cape Town, London & Amsterdam. For extremely time-specific breakdowns visit our LinkedIn: A and A. Or say hi anytime for tea / cv / banter. 

Where did you meet?
We met during our studies at Vega School, Cape Town. A was studying copywriting, and A was studying art direction. Was it a thing of fate, or a thing of curricula? It’s been 7 years since our first group project and 4 years since working together as grown-ups.

What are you into?
A: Cave men, cars, crème brûlée.
A: Fandom, F1, fantasy fiction.

What do you miss about life 10 or 20 years ago?
A: Being able to eat gluten.
A: Happy Meal toys were better.

Will you come in to the office?
Anything is possible for the right opportunity.
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